IWOCA 2013
July 10-12, 2013
Rouen, France

Normandie Université

Université de Rouen



Région Haute-Normandie



Conseil Général de Seine-Maritime

IWOCA 2013 Accepted Papers

Regular papers
  • Christian Bachmaier, Franz Josef Brandenburg, Andreas Gleißner and Andreas Hofmeier. On Maximum Rank Aggregation Problems
  • Francine Blanchet-Sadri and Sinziana Munteanu. Deciding Representability of Sets of Words of Equal Length in Polynomial Time
  • Widmer Bland, Gregory Kucherov and W.F. Smyth. Prefix Table Construction & Conversion
  • Hans-Joachim Boeckenhauer and Lucia Keller. On the Approximability of Splitting-SAT in 2-CNF Horn Formulas
  • Glencora Borradaile and Anna Harutyunyan. Boundary-to-boundary flows in planar graphs
  • Mathieu Chapelle, Manfred Cochefert, Jean-François Couturier, Dieter Kratsch, Mathieu Liedloff and Anthony Perez. Exact algorithms for Weak Roman Domination
  • George Charalambous and Michael Hoffmann. Verification Problem of Maximal Points under Uncertainty
  • Clément Charpentier and Eric Sopena. Incidence coloring game and arboricity of graphs
  • Well Y. Chiu and Chiuyuan Chen. Linear-time self-stabilizing algorithms for minimal domination in graphs
  • Elie De Panafieu. Phase Transition of Random Non-Uniform Hypergraphs
  • Alejandro Erickson and Frank Ruskey. Domino Tatami Covering is NP-complete
  • Florent Foucaud. The complexity of the identifying code problem in restricted graph classes
  • Robert Ganian and Jan Obdrzalek. Expanding the expressive power of Monadic Second-Order logic on restricted graph classes
  • Alexander Gavruskin, Bakhadyr Khoussainov, Mikhail Kokho and Jiamou Liu. Dynamising Interval Scheduling: The Monotonic Case
  • Petr Golovach, Daniel Paulusma and Iain Stewart. Graph Editing to a Fixed Target
  • Hayk Grigoryan and Hovhannes Harutyunyan. Tight Bound on the Diameter of the Knödel Graph
  • Toru Hasunuma. Structural Properties of Subdivided-Line Graphs
  • Pinar Heggernes, Pim van 'T Hof and Martin Milanic. Induced Subtrees in Interval Graphs
  • Gerold Jäger. SAT and IP Based Algorithms for Magic Labeling with Applications
  • Kassian Kobert, Tomas Flouri, Solon Pissis and Alexandros Stamatakis. An optimal algorithm for computing all subtree repeats in trees
  • Sang Hyuk Lee and Tomasz Radzik. Approximation Bounds for the Maximum Mixedcast Rounds in Wireless Ad-hoc Networks
  • Yuqing Lin. Maximum spectral radius of graphs with given connectivity and minimum degree
  • Nacho López Lorenzo and Francesc Sebe. Degree Sequences of PageRank Uniform Graphs and Digraphs with Prime Outdegrees
  • Vadim Lozin, Jerome Monnot and Bernard Ries. On the maximum independent set problem in subclasses of subcubic graphs
  • Mirka Miller, Slamin, Joe Ryan and Edy Tri Baskoro. Construction techniques for digraphs with minimum diameter
  • Joong Chae Na, Heejin Park, Maxime Crochemore, Jan Holub, Costas S. Iliopoulos, Laurent Mouchard and Kunsoo Park. Suffix Tree of an Alignment: An Efficient Index for Similar Data
  • Hebert Perez-Roses, Guillermo Pineda-Villavicencio, Perouz Taslakian and Dannier Trinchet-Almaguer. Fitting Voronoi Diagrams to Planar Tesselations
  • Ron Y. Pinter and Meirav Zehavi. Partial Information Network Queries
  • Leanne Rylands, Oudone Phanalasy, Joe Ryan and Mirka Miller. An Application of Completely Separating Systems to Graph Labeling
  • Joe Sawada, Aaron Williams and Dennis Wong. Universal cycles for weight-range binary strings
  • A. S. M. Sohidull Islam and M. Sohel Rahman. Protein Folding in 2D-triangular Lattice Revisited
  • Michael Soltys. A tight circuit-complexity bound for shuffle
  • Tao-Ming Wang and Guang-Hui Zhang. On Antimagic Even Regular Graphs
  • Yen-Wei Wu, Wei-Yin Lin, Hung-Lung Wang and Kun-Mao Chao. An Optimal Algorithm for the Popular Condensation Problem
  • Glencora Borradaile and Anna Harutyunyan. Maximum $st$-flow in directed planar graphs via shortest paths
  • Cedric Chauve, Murray Patterson and Ashok Rajaraman. Hypergraph covering problems motivated by genome assembly questions
  • Peter Damaschke. Cluster Editing with Locally Bounded Modifications Revisited
  • François Delbot, Christian Laforest and Raksmey Phan. New Approximation Algorithms for The Vertex Cover Problem and Variants
  • Mourad El Ouali and Volkmar Sauerland. Improved Approximation Algorithm for the Number of Queries Necessary to Identify a Permutation
  • Emanuele Giaquinta, Kimmo Fredriksson, Szymon Grabowski and Esko Ukkonen. Motif matching using gapped patterns
  • Wlodzimierz Moczurad. Domino graphs and the decipherability of directed figure codes
  • Appala Naidu Tentu, Prabal Paul and China Venkaiah Vadlamudi. Conjunctive Hierarchical Secret Sharing Scheme based on MDS codes
  • Christian Schilling, Jan-Georg Smaus and Fabian Wenzelmann. A Pretty Complete Combinatorial Algorithm for the Threshold Synthesis Problem
  • Samuel Wilson and Haiko Muller. Certifying FPT-Algorithm for Vertex-Deletion Problems
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